The Kiss 95.1 Storm Center

Damage can happen anywhere, even to your car during a hurricane.

  1. Choosing the right parking location is very important. Avoid trees, branches, and other overhead hazards.
  2. Fill your tank! An important part of disaster preparedness is having a plan to get help after dangerous weather subsides.
  3. Cover your vehicle. No matter where you park, it’s a good idea to cover your vehicle.
  4. Be sure to check your windows, doors, and sunroof. Water can slip in so any cracks in the glass are sure to patch up as well.
  5. Tape up your windows. It’s a good idea to use a heavy waterproof tape around the edges of your windows and doors to help keep moisture out. Some people also believe that making an “X” with masking tape over each window will keep them from breaking as easily.

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