Because looks shouldn’t matter if you still taste good!

I saw this pop up on my Facebook feed and I was sold! A company called Misfits Market has created a subscription box of ugly fruits and vegetables to help make minimize food waste and keep people eating healthy.

It’s brilliant.

As stated on their Facebook, almost half of all produce harvested in the United States is never eaten. Fruits and vegetables go unpicked in fields or get thrown away at the store, simply because they don’t look good. Misfits Market takes those fruits and vegetables that are less attractive and resells them for a cheaper cost. I mean I don’t know how you all feel about it, biut I could 100% care less what my fruits and vegetables look like. As long it tastes good, I’m a happy camper.

Sadly, the only places they deliver is all zip codes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

I hope they decide to ship in the Carolina’s soon!

Alexis Zarycki is your average girl with the hopes of leaving an everlasting impact on the world. Follow her on Instagram @official_lexpaige