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A Swedish mother of two wanted to get her son’s names tattooed on her arm. She has two kids, around the age of two, named Nova & Kevin. Easy enough right? Think again. When she went to the local tattoo shop she had the intentions of getting her kid’s names tattooed on her and when she left – she had Kelvin, not Kevin. She didn’t want to go through the laser removal process of a tattoo so what did she do?

She changed her kid’s name. Yep, you read that correctly. Her once 2 year old named Kevin now has a name of Kelvin thanks to a tattoo mishap. This got us wanting to hear more tattoo mishap stories.

Our very own Producer Nicole has tattoos but luckily she has no tattoo mishap stories. She did have a story about one though. It’s total chaos. You’ve got to listen to understand. Check it out below!