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Not all heroes wear capes, but they might wear running shoes.

There’s no way I could run a 10K, I could maybe walk one. But adding tacos into the mix, I might be motivated enough.

According to FoodBeast, a participant named Anna Orso walked the 10K in Philidelphia and hit every taco spot on the way down. For her, that included 13 taco shops, and eating a total of 14 tacos.

She started the race around 11, and ended around¬† 4:15, so that’s a lot of walking and a lot of taco eating.

The best part? She writes for the BillyPenn, so she chronologically goes over her route, and even set up a Google Map in case you want to follow her trail.

The Philly 10K Taco Tour

The Philly 10K Taco Tour


Seriously, if I had tacos to motivate me, I probably would make a 10K worthwhile. #FueledByTacos


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