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Lexi’s Listens is a weekly post I’ll do with the songs I’ve been singing to nonstop! My hope is that if you’ve never heard of these, you might discover some new hits to listen to.

Sam Smith

First for this week’s Lexi’s Listens, we have Sam Smith’s new song that we’ve been playing on Kiss 95.1 called Love Me More!! This song resonates with me because of the lyrics mostly. It’s clear that Sam Smith has been on their own journey of self-love, just as we all are. It shows vulnerability to be able to tackle such a big personal experience in a song, especially since building up self-worth is a constant struggle for many people. I admire Sam Smith for writing this the way they did because at least for me, it makes me feel seen in my journey towards self-love. Check it out at #1 and see if you feel the same.


I was on YouTube the other day and I saw a video where two strangers met without seeing each other in person. It was a cool concept because without seeing someone in person to begin with, you have no preconceived judgments about them. And I think this led to them opening up with each other more, which led to great conversation. One man said Without You by Lapalux reminds him of his mother who passed away right before his daughter was born. For him, this song always reminds him of her, and so of course I had to look up the song. Hearing it for the first time, I felt so many different feelings. But overall, this song is very comforting and calming to listen to. It’s a very beautiful song that goes through different stages of sound, and I hope you enjoy it the same way I did. Check it out at #2.


Charmander is Amine’s new song that just dropped and I like it!! I don’t like it as much as some of the others like Riri, Can’t Decide, and Spice Girl. But it’s got a catchy chorus and a beat that is full of energy. Plus, the video for it is trippy LOL, especially when their eyes get super big and distorted… “I’ve been living on an island too” Check it out at #3!

Bedroom Pop Central

To start us off, we’ve got a new song from Alfie Templeman called Colour Me Blue. If you’re a fan of Litany, Conan Gray, or similar artists, you’ll appreciate this bedroom pop anthem. Actually, this might be weird but Colour Me Blue has one part in the chorus that sounds to me like Pharell’s music from Despicable Me. Because it’s such a happy song with a dancey beat. Check it out at #4

Emerging Artist: Lyn Lapid

Lyn Lapid is an emerging artist who, I can’t lie, I’ve fallen in love with. Because her voice is so smooth and enticing. Plus, I love the way she uses drums in one of her newest songs called Pager!! That was the first song that I heard from her, and I knew I liked it as soon as I got to the chorus. After hearing that, I went to her page and saw her #1 song on Spotify is In My Mind. And when I tell you I also immediately fell in love with that one, I really did!! It’s not as upbeat as Pager, but it showcases her voice in a beautiful but different way that reminds me of a coffee shop and Billie Eilish. 🙂 Check her out at #5 and #6 for Lexi’s Listens!

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  • Love Me More - Sam Smith

  • Without You - Lapalux

  • Charmander - Amine

  • Colour Me Blue - Alfie Templeman

  • Pager - Lyn Lapid

  • In My Mind - Lyn Lapid

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