Even if you had a few guesses, it’d be really hard to guess what this couple in Illinois found while making a renovation on their home. They had taken down one of the walls in their bathroom when they found something unusual…a half-eaten, well-preserved container of McDonald’s fries still in the bag!

The assumption is that this was one of the construction workers’ lunches that never got thrown away. CNN says the fries looked crispy and brown, and when the couple picked them up, the fries were sturdy, instead of disintegrating as would be expected. Also, it might be odder that the meal itself had no smell.

Rob and Gracie Jones also found burger wrappers that look like they are from the 1950s or ’60s. With the food bag bundled up in a towel, the couple initially feared the worst… I mean, there are much worse things to find in your walls. At the time, they thought it was some sort of evidence for a cold case.

Gracie told CNN, “We saw the fries and were like, ‘This is unreal.’ How on Earth are these fries still in this bag and how are they preserved so well?! It was wild.”

Pinpointing the Year It Came From

The couple found that McDonald’s only used the logo on the bag between 1955 and 1961. It featured the fast-food company’s original mascot, Speedee. Gracie told CNN, “We’d be happy to sell it or if not, we’d probably keep it as a cool piece of history.”

The couple is saving their treasure in the hopes of selling it. If you found decades-old fries in the wall of your home, are you keeping it or throwing it out?

Here’s a better question: how much money would it take for you to try one of them?

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