You don’t have to believe in aliens to acknowledge the existence of UFOs. A UFO is simply an “unidentified flying object” which could be anything. Obviously, recent events and congressional hearings however have all but confirmed the existence of aliens and our government’s substantial knowledge of the other world life forms. I won’t go as far as to say I believe, at least not in the SiFi theoretical ways. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if there is life somewhere else in the universe. Are they visiting us though? I’ll leave that to the experts to determine. But no matter your thoughts on the matter that doesn’t change the fact that 9 UFO sightings were reported in North Carolina during the month of July.

Recent UFO Sightings In North Carolina

These sightings were reported to the National UFO Reporting Center. According to the center’s website, they have been in operation for 49 years and have received over 150,000 reports of sightings. Obviously, these could be any number of occurrences and I get most of them can easily be explained. But it’s still interesting to note. The UFO sightings in North Carolina for the month of July include a variety of “shapes”. Reportedly seen include lights, spheres, orbs, and fireballs. They all occurred in different locations as well as at different dates and times.

Locations include Fairview, Durham, Emerald Isle, and Winston-Salem. You can view the full list as well as all the other reports that have been filed from North Carolina here. Have you ever seen something you can’t explain in the sky? Or perhaps have you ever seen something you believe to be extraterrestrial in origin? This is a topic I fully expect to learn more and more about in the coming months as Congress continues to investigate the government and military’s knowledge of UFOs and other life forms. It will be interesting to see play out for sure.

These Are The 5 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories In North Carolina

Today, July 20th marks the 53rd anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. But there are many people who question did it really happen? While it is widely discussed is it one of the most popular conspiracy theories in North Carolina?

Well, revealed America’s most popular conspiracy theories across each state. They did this through the utilization of Google Search Trends over the last decade to see the most searched and talked about theories.

When major events happen that change the world and people’s lives it can be difficult to come to terms with so people often start to ask why, and how and look for explanations that maybe make sense than the official narratives. Conspiracy theories often gain traction and anyone in power denying them just adds fuel to the fire. Do I believe every theory is true? No, some of them are just too out there. But I do think that odds are some are true. Will we ever know the truth? Probably not. The movie buff in me hopes that National Treasure’s theory of the President’s Book of Secrets is true and maybe one day someone would release it. But I don’t expect that to happen. How interesting it would be though!

I know the stories that intrigue me but are they the same conspiracy theories the rest of North Carolina is interested in? Let’s find out!

  • Most Popular Conspiracy Theories In North Carolina

  • 5. Coronavirus

    Coming in at number 5 on this list is the most recent theory- what has controlled so much of our lives for the past few years- Coronavirus. The documentary Plandemic certainly helped fuel the fire on this one. Many people believe there is evidence that the Covid-19 virus was created in a laboratory not in an animal market as was first reported.

    Some believe that 5G is somehow responsible for the virus. Many have questions about the vaccine and how heavily it was pushed. Also adding to the suspicion of many was the silencing of any alternate views on social media platforms.



  • 4. The Illuminati

    I have to say this is one I want to do a deep dive into. I don’t quite understand the background but I know that many many things are blamed on this group. But here is what I do know.

    The illuminati is the name given to a secret group of individuals who are believed to control significant world events while manipulating other aspects of society. The first reports of such an organization date back to around 1776. Which would be the same time as the birth of America. It’s said that at that time some Bavarians decided to oppose state and religious influence and instead implement their own ideologies into society.

    The group quickly was While the original Illuminati was quickly stamped out but many Americans still believe they are present today. They also believe that they are behind many of the most influential events in history. Many prominent leaders are theorized to be members including Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and George W. Bush.

  • 3. JFK’s Assassination

    This is probably the first conspiracy theory I ever remember hearing. And North Carolina seems to believe it as it ranks 3rd.

    We all know the story, President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963. And just two days later Lee Harvey Oswald was also shot and killed. Leaving the public with no answers on why he did it, and why he has also shot. Consequently, many many people do not believe the official narrative of what happened, leading to a vast number of conspiracy theories throughout the years. Some of the ones with the most traction are that the CIA was behind it. Or the Mafia, Fidel Castro, or even Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson.

  • 2. Denver Airport

    This one is wild. Though I have to saw with a different choice in art at the airport much of this could have been avoided. If you’ve seen it, it’s creepy and you’ll never forget it.
    The gist of the theory is that it houses the New World Order possibly in a secret underground compound.

    Many cite the airport’s enormous size as evidence it must be used for something other than just an airport. It’s 53 square miles which is twice the size of Manhattan, and bigger than Fort Worth International and Orlando International airports combined. Those are the next two largest US Airports. Some say the shape of the runways resembles a swastica and construction went significantly over budget.

    Combined with the art showing burning trees, children in coffins, and even a gas-masked soldier have led to these sinister theories.

  • 1. 9/11 Was Planned

    It is widely considered to be the darkest day in American history. September 11, 2021. If you were alive that day you remember exactly where you were and much of the hours to follow. Approximately 3,000 individuals lost their lives that day and our world was forever changed. But many in North Carolina don’t believe that all of this destruction was caused by a few terrorists in planes.

    Many conspiracies allege our own government involvement. Some believe there is no way the planes and jet fuel could have caused the collapse of the towers. They believe there were actually controlled demolitions of the buildings. Why? Some say the stock market or a reason to invade Afghanistan.

  • The Top 5 In The US

    1. 9-11

    2. Denver Airport

    3. Illuminati

    4. JFK Assassination

    5. Coronavirus

  • Other Popular Theories In North Carolina and the US

    – Moon Landing was faked

    -Area 51


  • Visit Conspiracy Theory Locations

    20 Conspiracy Theory Locations To Visit Including One In North Carolina

    • Denver International Airport

      Location: Denver, CO

      The Conspiracy: Since its opening, the Denver International Airport has been involved in conspiracy theories. And while I don’t remember anything from my trip there, the points brought up are strange, to say the least. It’s surrounded by controversy and conspiracy much of which originated based on the downright creepy art featured in the airport. There is also a huge horse statue with glowing eyes that fell on its sculpture killing him. Many believe the airport conceals bunkers and/or the headquarters for the New World Order. Some also believe due to the interesting shape of the runways, that it is connected to the Nazis.

      Read more

    • Georgia Guidestones

      Location: Athens, GA

      The Conspiracy: This monument, which features 4 granite slabs first opened in 1980. Though it is unknown who constructed it or why. Inscribed on the slabs are rules for humanity written in different languages. Conspiracy theorists claim it has ties to Satanism. The monument recently was damaged by a bomb, so this may not be the best time to visit.

      Read More


    • Redwood National and State parks

      Location: Sacramento, CA

      The Conspiracy: I didn’t know it, but if you are a Bigfoot believer than this is the destination for you. Is Bigfoot a conspiracy? It’s debatable, but until there is definitive proof ie a body or DNA, it has to be filed under that distinction. Redwood National and State Parks is thought to be a favorite location of the elusive creature. In fact the area has a Bigfoot Museum and a Bigfoot Days Festival which occurs annually Labor Day weekend.

      Read more

    • Area 51

      Location: Nevada

      The Conspiracy: Perhaps one of the most well-known conspiracy theories in the country. What happened at Area 51? Is it aliens or UFOs? The secrecy surrounding the military base has people everywhere questioning its purpose and what is being hidden there. And like many conspiracy theories most people will never believe anything you tell them.

      Read more

    • Cecil Hotel

      Location: Los Angeles, CA

      The Conspiracy: A college student named Elisa Lam disappeared during her stay at the Cecil Hotel in 2013. Lam’s body was eventually discovered in a water tank on the hotel’s roof. Her perplexing disappearance is the source of many conspiracy theories of who was behind the death and was even featured in a Netflix documentary called Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel. Though the most recent Lam’s death is not the only one at the establishment, adding it its mystery. The Cecil Hotel is also embedded in the stories of the Black Dahlia and serial killer Richard Ramirez.

      Read More

    • Centralia Mine

      Location: Centralia, Pennsylvania

      The Conspiracy: The Centralia Mine caught on fire in 1962 and at the time various government agencies and private businesses seemed to conspire to get at the valuable anthracite coal that was located under the town of Centralia. Believers site the ineffective firefighting methods for failing to extinguish the fire and as a result Centralia PA’s residents were eventually forced into a position where they had to leave their homes.

      Read more

    • Brunswick Springs

      Location: Brunswick, VT

      The Conspiracy: Brunswick Springs is actually the intersection of 6 individual springs. Each of those 6 is said to have a different mineral and some believe where they meet processes healing powers. It is also said that the area is cursed so no one can profit off of the powers. Evidence of this is that a hotel that was built above the springs burned down 4 times. Additionally, two men hanged themselves in the location and one woman perished after driving her car into the water.

      Read more

    • HAARP

      Location: Anchorage, AK

      The Conspiracy: HAARP is the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program which was set up to study part of the atmosphere known as the ionosphere. Though some believe it actually does things like control the weather or even is used for mind control. Public perception has never been favorable of the project.

      Read more

    • Brown Mountain

      Location: North Carolina

      The Conspiracy: Reports of the Brown Mountain lights date back 1,000s of years. These lights can be seen in the sky over the mountain, not always in the same place and sometimes multiple times a night. Some disproven sources of them include nitrous oxide and train headlights. Some believe Aliens are behind them. Legend says that Cherokee and Catawba Indians engaged in a battle at Brown Mountain and the lights are from the Indian maidens still searching for their men who perished.

      Read more

    • Ong's Hat

      Location: Pine Barrens, NJ

      The Conspiracy: Pine Barrens is a ghost town in NJ. But what makes it so interesting is there is only one building- that would be Ong’s Hat. It is said that the town was bustling in the 1860s. Though it is unknown if there were ever any additional structures. Regardless the town has been documented on maps for years. The conspiracy is that some believe professors at Princeton University used the town to conduct quantum physics experiments. And legend says that they even made a man disappear for 7 minutes and he claims he went to another dimension into another version of Earth.

      Read more

    • Skinwalker Ranch

      Location: Salt Lake City, UT

      The Conspiracy: This 512-acre Utah Ranch, which is now the subject of a multi-season History Channel show, is perhaps one of the most paranormal hotspots known to man. There have been reports of UFO sightings, crop circles, and other paranormal activities. Though there are numerous reports no one has been able to get physical evidence of the activity.

      Read more

    • Mystery Hill

      Location: Salem, New Hampshire

      The Conspiracy: Mystery Hill is commonly referred to as “America’s Stonehenge”. It is comprised of a series of stone wall and underground chambers. Carbon dating of objects found at the site suggests it may have been constructed 4000 years ago. Though its origin and purpose are hotly debated. One of the most intriguing details is the sacrificial table. This slab of granite, weighs over four tons, and has a groove scored into its perimeter to collect liquid and drain it off the side.

      Read More

    • Flathead Lake

      Location: Missoula, MT

      The Conspiracy: The Flathead Lake Monster is a giant serpant that has been reported in the lake since the 1800s with over 100 documented sightings. The creature is said to be between 30 and 40 feet in length.

    • Winchester Mystery House

      Location: San Jose, CA

      The Conspiracy: The heir to the Winchester Repeating Arms estate began renovating what once was an 8-room farmhouse when she moved to San Jose in 1886. She continued the renovations until she passed away in 1922. The home is now a mansion with 160 rooms, 47 staircases, 2,000 doors, oh and 10,000 windows. Some claim the house is haunted- with all that I’d be paranoid too, or that her she built it after instructions from a psychic.

      Read more

    • Roswell

      Location: Roswell, MN

      The Conspiracy: What was found in Roswell in 1947? Some say a weather balloon some say a UFO. Believers consider Roswell a hotspot for UFO and potentially alien activity.

      Read More

    • The Six Floor Museum

      Location: Dallas, TX

      The Conspiracy: The location itself is in the building where Lee Harvey Oswald was when he shot JFK. The museum delves into the John F. Kennedy assassination and the conspiracy theories still alive and well today.

      Read More Read More

    • The Safeguard Complex

      Location: Langdon, ND

      The Conspiracy: Originally built as part of a missile defense system, the Safeguard Complex opened on October 1, 1975, and closed just one day later on October 2nd after Congress voted to close it. IT is said that the base was used as a bargaining chip with Russia during the Cold War. However, conspiracy theorists claim that it’s Illuminati headquarters.

      Read more

    • Integratron Chamber

      Location: Yucca Valley

      The Conspiracy: George Van Tassel says he built the dome-like structure based on the design of Moses’ Tabernacle, the writings of Nikola Tesla, and telepathic directions from extraterrestrials. It was designed to be an electrostatic generator for the purpose of rejuvenation and time travel. It was built on an intersection of powerful geomagnetic forces. When combined with the unique shape of the building, these forces concentrate and amplify the earth’s magnetic field. This can be seen on Magnetometers as a significant spike in the earth’s magnetic field in the center of the Integratron.

      Read more

      Read more

    • Yellowstone National Park

      Location: Wyoming

      The Conspiracy: Underneath Yellowstone National Park is a huge supervolcano. Scientists say it is not likely to erupt in the immediate future but some conspiracy theorists belive that it will. And that the government already has plans to evacuate Americans.

      Read more

      Read more

      Read more

    • Malheur Cave

      Location: Burns, OR

      The Conspiracy: The Malheur Cave is owned by the Masonic Lodge of Burns aka the Masons and it’s where they hold yearly events. Legend says that the Native Americans believed the cave to be a passage to the underworld. Conspiracy theorists believe it is used for Satanic rituals and that it is the gateway to underground tunnels that connect the entire United States.

      Read More

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      8 Charlotte Urban Legends That May Leave You Spooked

      • There Are Secret Tunnels Connecting Building In Uptown Charlotte

        This one was posted by user r/phixer00. The post read “All the secret tunnels connecting the buildings in uptown Charlotte. Not the tunnels connecting public spaces like Overstreet mall and such. Deeper tunnels that connect everything. Another user chimed in saying that believe these are mines/abandoned stormwater drains.

      • The Lake Norman Monster

        Some believe it’s a 5,000 lb catfish. Most people attribute the large size to the radiation from the power plant. But most people don’t doubt its existence. Many even call him Normie. Some even say don’t swim in the lake. Have you ever seen it?

      • Hidden Occult Symbols In Bank Of America Lobby Murals

        Regardless of the intended meaning, these murals are creepy. Kind of reminds me of the ones in the Denver Airport (if you don’t know Google it!). View the Bank of America murals here. Many people report getting goosebumps seeing it in person.

      • There Is An Abandoned Gold Mine In Uptown

        This one is actually true. Turns out there are several abandoned mines in the city. The name the Charlotte 49ers exists for a reason after all. According to user r/circa1905 one mine is the Rudasill mine which is located at 325 W. Summit near the corner of Summit and Mint.

      • Satanic Activity

        Reddit user r/carter1984 wrote: “I don’t know about now…but when I was a kid there were rumors of satanic stuff happening on a large property off Margaret Wallace Rd. ” He wasn’t the only one to report such rumors. r/mrtheReactor replied: “I grew up with something similar about their being a satanic church in the woods around McAlpine, one friend’s brother (allegedly lol) got pulled up on by guys with guns on ATV’s who told him he needed to turn around and leave ‘or else’. In high school, we went there a few times after dark to try and find the church and scream and run from any rustling we heard. Many other users reported hearing similar stories tending to coincide with high school parties in the woods.

      • Demonic Beast-Man

        r/mrtheReactor also told about a supposed beast-man. He heard it in relation to the supposed satanic church. “They allegedly summoned/created some sort of demonic beast-man (or maybe we called in man-beast) that was like a werewolf type deal. Several friends have said they saw it, one’s care even got a dent in it by something running into it while he was driving that we swore looked like a man running on all fours.

        r/LonelyNightsAgain had also heard this story about 15 years ago.

      • Stonewall Jackson School Is Haunted

        This one was brought up several different times. Apparently, the Concord, NC school has seen its fair share of creepy happenings.


      • A Cult Remains Today In The Neighborhood Where Heritage USA Was Located

        If you aren’t familiar Hertiage USA was a theme park in Fort Mill created by Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. In its prime the park was visited by over 6 million visitors yearly. The park closed in 1989 due to the scandals surrounding the Bakkers and damage from Hurricane Hugo. If you drive by you can still see remnants of the abandoned park included the 21 story hotel and upper room chapel.

        While the Bakkers were rocked by fraud and sex scandals, many had moved to the area just to be close to the infamous evangelicals.  and they still reside there today. Some believe they act as a cult mimicking the beliefs of the Bakkers.

      • Knobby The Shelby County Bigfoot

        Knobby got a couple shoutouts on the thread. The Shelby Star even did an article on the county’s most elusive resident. The sightings supposedly date back to moonshiners trying to protect their stills. Some credit it to a prank.

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