Charleston, South Carolina, USA at Waterfront Park.

Do you ever think of those states that you know are a state but you sometimes just forget about? Maybe they are just so far from where you live you don’t really think about them often and have probably never been. Now, I know for me states like Oklahoma, Nebraska, and South Dakota, are states I can certainly say I have forgotten. Not saying I do not acknowledge them, but because I am not close in proximity and no one is there they just slip your mind. But, it is crazy to think that a state that may be popular with you could slip someone else’s mind. Right?

The Travel recently named their top most popular states and top most forgotten states. Funny enough, one of the Carolinas made that list. Shocking, right? Because for us, this is home and we talk about both Carolinas quite often. Well, apparently South Carolina is one of the top most forgotten states in the country. I mean, out of both Carolinas I could see why. No major sports teams are in South Carolina and besides Charleston and Myrtle Beach, not many tourist destinations either. Although for many of us, South Carolina is home we do see why people that may live in Oklahoma or California may not think of us. I am not really complaining because I get it, but South Carolina is still home no matter what.

Can you think of some other states you may consider to be “forgotten” states? Check out the full list and see what other states are forgotten and which are the most popular. The most popular states are not really that surprising. I think those are the ones we know we are going to hear a lot about.