Golf car with golf clubs and equipment stands on grass golf course with long shadow during golfing

One South Carolina man is looking to break a new record. According to Bret Baldeck with FOX 46, the Fort Mill man is looking to have the record for the fastest golf cart. That’s right, golf cart!

Fox 46 reports that the all-time mark is one he set before at 118.76 mph in 2014. Robby Steen, of Plum Quick Motors, has enjoyed going after different world records for the last 20 years. His thought was that the attempts would help build promotion for his business. Steen makes electric motors for golf carts. He has grown in his recognition, but he is wanting to continue to beat the speed test!

Steen told FOX 46 that he does build them, but does not actually play golf. He creates golf carts for those who truly are interested in the speed aspect and not just riding around the golf course. His family has been building motors for golf carts over the last 40+ years, so they know a thing or two.

On August 17, they will take the golf carts to the drag strips once again to beat the record. The golf cart that they will be using is one that they have been working on for the last 6 years. Steen believes that the ride could go at least 150 mph, plenty to break the original record. Fox 46 reports that Steen plans to go for the fastest power chair, power wheels car, and lawn mower!

Source: Fox 46

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