A sexy dad is my favorite. The ‘dad bod’ is common knowledge. Why has it become a pop culture phenomenon and what does it actually mean? The dad body refers to a body shape found in middle-aged men that is relatively slim, but not lean or toned. Apparently, it’s got more popularity than you think.

In the last few years, the dad bod has received a great deal of attention and praise, making men feel more confident about issues like hair loss and aging. Over 1,100 Americans from across the country were surveyed by Advdermatology about their opinions of dad bods. Here is what they found.

Sexy Dads: 6 in 10 Americans are More Attracted Dad Bods

According to the study, six out of ten people are big fans of the “dad bod” physique and find it attractive. One in five Americans calls the “dad bod” the “new six-pack!” 49% of Americans think it is sexy. In addition to the dad bod’s physical appeal, the study also discovered that people use terms like “family man,” “supportive,” and “caring” to describe this physique. Half of Americans also believe that dad bods make couples happier.

Recent studies show that 31% of men have developed dad bods since the pandemic began. The report can be found here if you’d like to see more.

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