In my head I’m saying…please go back home. Why? because the traffic is already bad enough. We don’t need more drivers in our state. According to a recent study from HireAHelper, North Carolina was the number four most popular destination to retire to in 2021.

From the study, North Carolina was found to be the best of the best. Tennessee was number one. Tennessee is not only home to vibrant Nashville and Memphis but is also the state with the lowest tax burden in the country. This comes only after Alaska. Florida was number two and Pennsylvania was number three. These were the only states that outranked North Carolina.

What about South Carolina? Well, they came right after at number five. Interestingly enough, there wasn’t a single North Carolina city or town that made it on the metro’s list specifically. This could suggest that there is no single hot North Carolina destination for retirees. Rather, people moving in just love the state in general.

Retirees are getting younger! Not everybody who retired and moved in 2021 was a senior! In fact, early retirees accounted for 40% of those moving for retirement in 2021.

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