The Morehead Planetarium and Science Center located in Chapel Hill is a great place to learn all about North Carolinas history. Some of the exhibits cover a wide range of topics, such as Firsts in Flight, which pays tribute to African Americans and describes their contributions to space exploration and the development of aviation in great detail. It is free to attend.

Happy birthday North Carolina! On November 21, 1789, North Carolina ratified the Constitution to become the twelfth state in the Union. This vote occurred approximately two hundred years after the first settlers arrived on the fertile Atlantic coastal plain.

We were the first in flight and one of the greatest states to live in. So since November 21st marks North Carolinas 232nd birthday, we wanted to celebrate. Since we couldn’t make a cake big enough, we wanted to celebrate with some fun things north Carolina has to offer. Join us in exploring things you can do in North Carolina below. Happy Birthday North Carolina!


GALLERY: Things You Should See and Do in North Carolina

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