Are you a true crime junkie? I know I am. If you’ve ever wanted to be a crime scene investigator now is your chance.

I company named CluedUpp is taking the gaming experience to the next level. Holding events across the United States, this company creates an immersive outdoor detective experience for up to 6 people. All you need to do is purchase one ticker per team and wait for your location to be revealed.

Experience life as a Crime Scene Investigator in this thrilling outdoor murder mystery event, coming to Charlotte, North Carolina. To solve the case, you use forensic techniques, codebreaking, and good old-fashioned detective work to crack the case in this limited ticket event. The Charlotte event is called CSI Charlotte.

According to the CluedUpp website, attendees will get a secret starting location during a pre-game briefing. It can start any time between 9 am and 2 pm on the day. The event lasts between 2 and 3 hours on average. This is a great team-building event. You can see more of what a day as a CluedUpp detective looks like below.

The date for the Charlotte, North Carolina event is March 22, 2022. There will also be an event held in Gastonia, North Carolina on April 30th, 2022 if you miss the Charlotte one. If you want to try out this crime scene experience this year and don’t mind driving to Hickory, North Carolina you can get tickets here.

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