Christmas markets are set to return to holiday celebrations this year. And that means lots of delicious foods to enjoy. Before you even step foot into the markets and get a glimpse of the twinkling lights you can smell the food. But what are the most popular Christmas market foods? Well, Cartwright and Butler answered that question.

The list was created based on the sentiment of online conversation – do people talk about these foods in a positive way? Using data from the last year, this list shows you the foods that market-goers most enjoy.

The Top 7 Christmas Market Foods can be found below:

Rank Food What % Enjoy the Dish?
1. Churros 50%
2. Chimney Cake 46%
2. Grilled Cheese Sandwich 46%
3. Mulled Wine 44%
4. Roasted Chestnuts 40%
5. Bratwurst 32%
6. Mince Pie 27%
7. Pork and Stuffing Sandwich 26%

It’s no surprise that sweet treats top the list. Who doesn’t have a bit of a sweet tooth especially around the Christmas season? A dominating 50% of people enjoy churros with chimney cakes coming in second. Savory came in third though with grilled cheese, and honestly, we’re here for all of it. And don’t forget that mulled wine. I can smell and taste it already.

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