Google has a super cool hidden gem that not many people know about but once you find it, it’s addicting! Paying homage to the Olympic Games host city of Tokyo, Google created an extra-special way to have fun and celebrate.

With aspects of anime, Google made an elaborate and free 16-bit video game that pays homage to Japanese folklore and Toyoko hosting the Olympics. To access it, simply head over to Google’s homepage and see the play button at the top in the name. Click it and it will open a pop-up window that plays a fun intro. Once the introduction is complete you’ll be invited to play an elaborate video game named “Doodle Champion Island Games.”

According to Google, the game was made in collaboration with Tokyo-based animation firm STUDIO4°C and is playable directly in-browser using the arrow keys and space bar. It stars an adorable calico cat named Lucky who’s able to participate in a variety of sporting events like table tennis and skateboarding. The video game is free to play and even remembers where you left off if you close the window.


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