I just tried out this feature and it’s pretty awesome! If you’ve been having trouble finding amazing Black-owned businesses to shop at then this new feature will help you out.

Today Instagram has added a way for Black-owned businesses in the U.S. to become more discoverable on the platform. Over 1.3 million Instagram posts between last summer and the fall were in support of Black-owned or Black-led businesses.

Businesses that noted they were Black-owned or Black-led in their profile increased by 50% on the platform. To access the feature tap on ‘edit profile’ and select ‘business diversity info’ hit ‘get started and continue to follow through until you get to “show Black-owned Business label.” Instagram said this is, just one part of our ongoing investment in creating more economic opportunities for Black-owned businesses.

Earlier this year, Yelp introduced a similar opt-in feature for Black-owned businesses. In April, the initiative expanded to Asian-owned businesses and in May to LGBTQ+-owned businesses.

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