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Summer is fast approaching, and we all know what that means… concert season! From festivals on the beach and in the woods to dive-bar shows and arenas, all of your favorite music artists are ready to entertain. But are you ready for the show? 

While you are jamming with your friends, make sure you check these items off your packing list. Here are 8 concert Must Haves you should bring to a music festival to have the most fun, and safe time!

1. Mini First Aid Kit

mini first aid kit

You don’t know when an emergency will hit, especially when you are dancing to your favorite artist. This 85-piece kit is fully stocked with essential medical supplies and comes with a cute carabiner hook. It can fit nicely on your belt or snug in your purse. It gives you easy access to bandaids and other medical supplies in any situation.

Grab one here.

2. Mini Portable Charger

portable cell phone charger

How many times have you been recording your favorite artist and your phone dies? When that little grey box pops up that reads, “Low Battery 10% of battery remaining” my heart sinks and I wish I had a portable charger with me. So you don’t have to worry about using a public charging station, snag an easy-to-use portable charger to bring along. This one hooks right up to the back of your phone and charges fast. You’ll never have to miss sharing with your friends and family your concert experience.

Buy one now on Amazon.

3. A Neck Wallet

neck wallet bag

You may laugh, but now you can hold two beers at one time (if your 21 that is). Throw it around your neck or wear it as a side purse, this wallet keeps all your most precious items secure in one place. You can grab anything you need in an instant and keep dancing to the music all night long. What could be better?

Get yours here.

4. A Small Blanket

small pocket blanket
Not only is this the cutest item on the list, but it is definitely a Must Have for a music festival. Days at a music festival are extremely long, so you’re going to want to find the nearest tree to relax underneath so bring a towel or small blanket to rest on. This pocket blanket is waterproof and conveniently pocket-sized.

Snag this one from Amazon.

5. A Fanny Pack with A Water Bottle Holder

fanny pack with water bottle holder spot

If the neck wallet isn’t your style, go for the classic fanny pack. It fits comfortably on your hips and all of your belongings like your wallet, your phone, your portable charger, and your sunscreen will be safe and secure. But wait…there’s more! Festivals can be hot and hydration is key, this fanny pack is extra special because it comes with a water bottle. Tons of festivals will allow you to bring in an empty water bottle to fill up at their free water fill-up stations.

Grab it here.

6. Handheld Mini Fan with Portable USB

portable mini USB fan
It’s a fan and a power source. YES! It can get hot at a music festival, especially during the summer, so a little pocket fan is a must. It’s the size of a tube of lipstick so it fits perfectly in your bag or back pocket. When there isn’t an umbrella or merch tent to hide under, you’ll be thankful you have this handy gadget.

Buy one here.

7. Antiperspirant Wipes

antiperspirant wipes
No one likes a smelly listener. I always hated standing at a festival next to the “smelly guy” so this is something we should all use to refresh. Don’t be the smelly guy and stay refreshed during your concert experience. These deodorant wipes are biodegradable and freshly scented. They are easy to pack and it’s always great to have a handy wipe on hand. (pun intended).

Get a pack of 50 here.

8. Concert T-Shirt

cheers t-shirt

And of course, no music festival is complete without a few outfits. This Cheers t-shirt is the perfect way to get into the concert-going mood.

You can grab this shirt and check out others like it here.

We’re so excited for tours and concerts to start back up. We hope this list of concert Must Haves helps you prepare for all the shows you’re eagerly counting down the days to.

Please note that items are in stock and prices are accurate at the time we published this list. Have an idea for a fun theme for a gift idea list you’d like us to create?  Drop us a line at shopping@bbgi.com. 

Alexis Zarycki is your average girl with the hopes of leaving an everlasting impact on the world. Follow her on Instagram @official_lexpaige

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