You Can Spend the Night in the Iconic ‘Friends’ Apartment! If you’re a huge fan of the show Friends and are looking to get away for the night, you are in luck! Fans can spend a night in the famous apartment featured on Friends! I don’t think there has ever been a “hotel” room I’ve wanted to stay in more. Some people dream of sleeping in Cinderella’s Castle at Disney but this is more my speed! and The Friends Experience in New York will set fans up for the night in a recreation of Monica and Rachel’s iconic purple-hued apartment.

The experience is located at the actual building used for the exterior of the apartment- 130 East 23rd Street. What could be better?

“With re-creations of the beloved television series’ set — guests will relive Ross’ infamously doomed sofa pivot, peek through Rachel and Monica’s purple door, relax on Chandler and Joey’s recliners after playing some foosball, explore newly added original props and costumes from the show and much more,” According to the release by

A one-night stay for two guests will only cost you $19.94. A nod to the year Friends premiered. The only catch is it’s only available for two nights May 23rd and 24th. Reservations go live on May 21st at 10 am ET. Good luck if you plan on trying. Hopefully, this will be successful (can’t imagine it won’t be) and more dates will become available.

The experience will also give fans a set tour of other standout pieces from the long-running television series. Would you want to sleep in the apartment? What other shows would you like to experience up close?