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If you’re like me, then nothing sends shivers down your spine like gift-giving. I married into a family of big gift-givers. Needless to say, birthdays, anniversaries, and major holidays can be harrowing experiences. And as someone who grew up being given terrible gaming presents from aunts and uncles that had no idea what to get me, I am here to help. So with graduation right around the corner, I’ve got ten gaming gifts for the gamer graduate in your life! They’re in ascending order of cost, and I’m not saying that how much you love them is reflected in how much you spend on them. Capitalism is.

Nintendo Super Mario Cosmetics Bag

super mario cosmetic bag

Girls love gaming too. I ought to know, I am one. What if you’re in the bathroom fixing your make-up and a group of girls tells you they don’t think you’re a real gamer? An unlikely scenario I’ll admit, but they’re gonna feel really dumb when you style on them with this. 
Carry a few 1-Up Mushrooms and Yoshi Eggs with you anywhere in this fun navy-and-red Nintendo Super Mario Cosmetics Bag. Appliques of Mario, Yoshi, the Boo, a Coin, a “?” Box, Bricks, Super Star, and 1-Up Mushroom adorn the outside, which also features a slip pocket. The zippered interior is roomy enough for lots of extra coins and lives.

Grab one here.

F*ck It All Pen Set

Fuck It All Pen Set
They say the perfect pen set for a college student doesn’t exi– oh snap. As someone who went to college for 7 years without graduating (sorry mom and dad), this pen set is the embodiment of everything I experienced on a college campus.

Buy the set from Perpetual Kid.

Deadpool Funko Pop 

deadpool funko pop toy

Let me be very clear, and this holds true for a number of items on this list, if you don’t know your gamer’s particular fandoms… don’t try and guess. A funko pop from your gamer’s favorite movie, tv, or game series is almost universally accepted as a gift. But make sure you know it’s actually something they like. I picked the Merc with a Mouth, because hey, who doesn’t like Deadpool?

Pre-Order Deadpool here.

Darth Vader Pajama Pants 

darth vadar lounge pants

Boy? Girl? Doesn’t matter. Star Wars is universally beloved, and Darth Vader is bad-ass no matter which bathroom you flush the dark side away in. They say ‘Men’s Pajama Pants’ but that’s only because their small minds can’t begin to comprehend the powers of the force. Pajama pants represent the ultimate in “not leaving the house today or perhaps ever again” attitude, and everyone should have some.

Grab a pair here.

Razer Black Shark Gaming Headset

gaming headset

Is your graduate going to have a roommate next year? Great, they need a headset. Are they interested in streaming? Great, they need a headset. Will they be using their laptop in class? You guessed it. Headset. Razer makes solid gaming peripherals, and this headset has pretty much everything you could be looking for, and at a stellar price. I’m surprised to find a headset of this quality under a hundred dollars.

Buy it from Amazon.

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Mouse

logitech gaming mouse

No piece of PC gaming equipment is more important than the mouse. Don’t @ me. The precision with the mouse is the difference between a game-winning headshot and a soul-crushing miss that leads to your team losing. I’ve used Logitech mice for years, and have never been given an adequate reason to switch. They’re long-lasting, high precision, and feel comfortable on the hand even after long play sessions.

Order one on Amazon.

RESPAWN Racing Style Gaming Chair

respwan gaming chair
If you think your gamer is going to be too busy at school for long game sessions, I’m going to purchase you a plane ticket for a trip back to the real world. Gaming is an intrinsic part of our lives. If we have to pull an all-nighter over the weekend, stay after late finishing a paper, or miss the occasional meal to find gaming time, we will. Might as well make sure they’re comfortable and not damaging their back in the process.

Grab one here.

EUREKA Ergonomic Gaming Desk

curved gaming desk

Remember when computer desks were just a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and maybe a router? Yea, me neither, because I was 6. Those days are long gone. Nowadays, we’re setting up cameras, microphones, mixer boards, multiple monitors, a pizza box, a tower of pop cans, and a partridge in a pear tree on the desk. So make it a massive desk, make the whole thing a giant mouse pad, and design it all to work specifically with gamer tech. Boom. Done. Next!

Get one from Amazon.

HP Omen Gaming Laptop

Gaming Laptop

If you either really love your graduate, or accidentally killed their pet and need to make it up to them, this may be the solution for you. Finding that extra twenty minutes to sneak in a game of Teamfight Tactics or Call of Duty may be the difference between sanity and madness during finals season, and HP has put together a great laptop for a shockingly good price here. An I7 processor and GTX1660 video card at under 1200 bucks is pretty awesome. And hey, I’m typing this article on an HP Omen, so I definitely vouch for the brand!

Order one here.

Graduating from high school is a big achievement. We hope that this list gives you inspiration for buying gifts for the gamer graduate in your life.

Please note that items are in stock and prices are accurate at the time we published this list. Have an idea for a fun theme for a gift idea list you’d like us to create?  Drop us a line at 

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