Football season will be back soon enough and the new Dallas Cowboys NFL schedule HYPE video features some big stars. Post Malone helped out in announcing the 2021 Dallas Cowboys NFL schedule. Malone starred in a social media video as a postman who delivers the new schedule to Jerry Jones.

The video starts out with Post Malone arriving at Jerry’s office in a Cowboys-themed postal uniform and his signature Crocs in Cowboy’s blue. He makes the delivery with several references to his hit songs. Upon receiving the new schedule Jones suggests the two celebrate, which blows Post’s mind.

Post and Jerry play beer pong, drip themselves in icy jewelry, and shower Dak and Zeke with the Cowboys’ schedules as they make it rain from a balcony. Check out the video below.

2021 Dallas Cowboys Schedule Release

Schedule release got 'em sayin' WOW!Thanks, Post Malone 😉Tickets available via #CowboysNation #NFLSubscribe to the Dallas Cowboys...

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