NC State Football Coach Dave Doeren had some choice words for former Carolina Panther Steve Smith after the Wolfpack victory against Clemson on Saturday afternoon. Yes, that Steve Smith. The Wolfpack held on to the lead and were able to take a knee against the Clemson Tigers on Saturday at Carter Finley Stadium in Raleigh elevating the team to a 5-3 record while sending the Tigers back to .500 sitting at 4-4 on the year. No matter the records of the teams this is a big game every year and one this NC State grad and die-hard fan was extremely happy to put in the win column. So what prompted the comments from Doeren? It was all in response to Smith’s comments as the guest picker on College Gameday that morning.

One of the games picked by the ESPN hosts was the NC State/Clemson game. And Smith not only picked the Tigers but took a shot at the Wolfpack as well saying that NC State is “unfortunately waiting for basketball season”. Doeren who notoriously defends his team and university (which we love!) was having none of that. So in his post-game interview, while the celebration was taking place in Carter Finley Stadium, he chose to clap back as the former Panthers great. NC State Coach Dave Doeren let his feeling be knowing saying”Tell Steve Smith back in the studio this ain’t a basketball school he can kiss my ***”. Doeren proceeded to walk away after the comment leaving those who did not watch Gameday that morning a little confused.


  • The Exchange

    It’s classic salty Dave Doeren which NC State fans love to see. He’s going to defend his team til the end no matter who it is against. That includes one of the best to ever play professional football in the Carolinas.

  • Clarification And Doubling Down

    Doeren was expectedly asked about the comments in his post-game press conference where he took the opportunity to clarify the basis behind the comments. “No disrespect to him but he disrespected our program and I’m not going to let people do that” Doren said. He also doubled down saying “he can take that and put it where it belongs”.

  • The Two Have Since Spoken

    Perhaps somewhat of an apology? These comments were made on Monday in the weekly press conference.


  • Smitty On The Sidelines At Carter Finley?

    Steve Smith on the sidelines is not something I would have ever guessed but I’d love to see it happen. I’m biased but there is something special about Saturday’s in Carter Finley and Steve Smith should definitely take up the offer to experience it. Preferably a night game. Saturday against Miami perhaps?

  • This Sums Up How I Feel As Well

    I was hard on Doeren for a long time, and still question some of this decisions. But salty Dave who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, love him. Love his fire, and love that he loves NC State.

  • Others Respect His Willingness To Confront

    Everyone knows when something as said, and PR is a big part of recruiting. Glad to see others supporting this decision as well, especially those with no connection to the University. Go Pack!

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