Oakland, CA / USA - OCTOBER 14, 2018: Pixar facade, animation studio, during the afternoon at sunset.

It has been confirmed that Pixar is searching for a young, transgender actor to play a 14-year-old transgender girl in their next upcoming animated project.

San Francisco’s Trans March, an annual pride event, posted the casting call on their Twitter account, calling for people to share it. It reads:

“Pixar is casting a youth voice-over role for an upcoming animated project. The character, Jess, is a 14-year-old transgender girl. She’s compassionate, funny, and always has your back. We’re looking for actresses 12-17 years old who:

  • Are enthusiastic, outgoing, funny, and energetic
  • Feel comfortable acting in front of a microphone
  • Can authentically portray a 14-year-old transgender girl

If you know a child who fits the description and would like to audition for the role, her legal guardian should contact: casting@pixar.com”

Personally, I think a kid’s movie starring a transgender character is far overdue because representation matters. I’m glad Pixar is finally putting in the effort to tell the story of a young transgender person.

Currently, transgender Americans, including transgender youth, are still battling to secure their basic human rights. Just recently, Arkansas became the first state to pass a bill that will ban all gender-affirming healthcare for people under 18. This is a detrimental decision that poses an extremely harmful threat to transgender youth. Unfortunately, other states like Alabama and North Dakota seem to be lining up to pass similar bills.

A new Pixar film starring a young, transgender character would send a positive message to transgender youth around the country. A message that tells them they deserve rights, respect, and love.

Source: CNN and film.avclub.com

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