I pretty much vacuum my house once a day and let me tell you, I sometimes break a sweat. A new report by Wren Kitchens reveals how many calories you burn whilst doing your household chores. The good news is, that you don’t have to feel guilty about missing the gym.

If you’re running a busy household, you’ll know that a daily gym session can often drop to the bottom of the priority list. For me, it’s laundry and dusting, but now there might be a bit of motivation for completing my household chores. It turns out household chores can burn a staggering 20,000 calories a month (that’s the same as 16,816 burpees).

In this new report, you can see potentially how many calories you’ll burn by doing daily activities. The more chores you do, the more you may notice the pounds melt away. The study of 1,000 respondents revealed the average time households spend on their daily and weekly chores. This was then calculated into the number of calories burnt, as well as revealing how many burpees you save having to do.

The top household chores by calorie count can be seen below: 

Household chore How long on average people spend doing these chores per week (minutes) How long on average people spend doing these chores per month (minutes) Calories burnt How many burpees do you save having to do?*
Cleaning house / apartment / living area 280 1120 3976 3340
Cooking or food preparation 301.7 1207 2856 2400
Mopping 138 552 2724 2288
Washing dishes and clearing dishes from the table 206.5 826 1932 1624
Putting away clothes 185.5 742 1708 1436
Doing laundry 168 672 1588 1336
Ironing 144 576 1360 1144
Making the bed 144.2 577 1316 1104
Sweeping floors 138 552 1304 1096
Vacuuming 132 528 1248 1048

Please note: the calorie counts are based on the average weight of a person being 156 pounds. If you weigh more, you’ll burn more. If you weigh less, you’ll burn less. Source: WrenKitchens

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