Holiday Traditions with Kiss 95.1

It’s called “The Yuletide Nightmare” and it looks terrifying… but there’s a catch.

I’m going to let their website do all the talking because my holidays are filled with joy and happiness, not scary creatures and diseased reindeer:

“During the dead of winter, the ancients would celebrate the return of the sun by slaughtering corpulent livestock and feasting around the Yule. The peaceful, domesticated Christmas we all enjoy is nothing like the festivals of previous centuries. Santa‚Äôs progenitors, like Krampus & Belznickle, were about delivering pain & sorrow equally to all, not just to the naughty.”

It’s a one night only type of deal, so if this sounds like “fun” to you then click here to purchase your ticket. It’ll be a Friday the 13th you won’t forget (event is December 13).