What do unicorns and chemotherapy have in common? An amazing ability to heal.

That’s what 4-year-old Wren Jansen from Fort Mill, South Carolina, and her family discovered after she was diagnosed last year with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, an aggressive form of blood cancer.

Wren needed a blood transfusion at the start of her treatment, so her nurses at Levine Children’s Hospital came up with a magical way of calming the young girl’s nerves; unicorns. With a little unicorn juice to make her feel better, Wren now has the magic that is unicorns and since then, Wren has received unicorns in every shape and form.

Wren now gets her chemotherapy at home preventing her from having to come into the hospital continuously. Brandi, Wren’s mother, is an Emergency Room nurse and has a special appreciation for the care their family has received at Levine Children’s Hospital. Brandi expects nothing but good outcomes for Wren, but she also knows that’s not the case for all children. That’s why more needs to be done, says Brandi.

Now, you can help bring the magic back to those children in need just like Wren by donating to the Levine Children’s Hospital this holiday season with our Secret Santa event. Your gift will bring hope to our patients and their families, and will help each child at Levine Children’s Hospital have an unforgettable holiday!


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