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So, dating. It’s not my favorite to be honest but that is just me. I don’t mind just hanging out with my lady friends and going out if I need that female on the other side of the table. But think about it, what do you typically think about doing when it comes to a date? did “drinks” just pop into your mind? if so well according to some in Charlotte that’s a pretty typical date idea and pretty bland. I can’t lie, I have had a date where it did consist of apps and a drink and it was way late at night.

My second date idea? well, I had work events and it consisted of some beverages and I led it to playing games and having a view of the city. It does make sense that we would want to have drink dates here, considering we have many bars and even some cool speakeasy’s.

What’s your ideal date? anything different you like to do when you go out in Charlotte?

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