Instagram app on app store. IPhone with a social media app. Lithuania 2019.02.20 - Image

It has happened, and if you didn’t notice it you will now. Instagram has changed a little something. Let me just ask you gentlemen on here, have you ever liked a girls photo that wasn’t your girlfriend and gotten yelled at about it? if you answered, yes! then we are in the same boat. There Was a “following tab” on your Insta that would allow you to see what your followers were liking or who they were becoming friends with.

This is why some have gotten in trouble because it was easy to stalk your s/o and see what photos they were liking. I have once gotten yelled at for liking a lady friend’s photo from my girlfriend at the time. It wasn’t even a bad photo. Anyways, we are good now because Instagram just got rid of that feature this week.

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