l (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Minnesota cat is doing an inventory of what’s left of its 9 lives.

Me to this lady…what were you thinking?!

Stefani Carroll-Kirchoff has three cats and she says she usually checks the washer and dryer before hitting ‘start’ but last week forgot. Not good. She almost re-ran the load when she noticed a single white paw…

It was 1-year-old Felix. He was then immediately rushed to an emergency vet. He had pneumonia and temporarily lost his sight. He’s still on oxygen but is expected to fully recover.

Carroll-Kirchoff says she’s still in shock and the incident will forever haunt her.

Personally, I think this incident was 100% irresponsible. If you knew your cats liked to hide in those spots, keep them closed and away from those locations.


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