Moms, we know you care about your kids, but sometimes, you can’t be there every second to haul them to their soccer practice or Boy Scouts event. 

Moms, do your child’s extracurricular activities conflict with your work schedule? Do you also want to keep them involved in activities outside of school but also make sure they get to their destination safely and on time?

Say hello to GoKart, the newest rideshare service based in Charlotte and Raleigh. Consider this service like Uber, but for the kids. Have you heard of it?

GoKart For Kids

Photo By Rob Hainer/

GoKart was created by Stacy Shannon, a working mom of three, school-aged children. Her son’s lacrosse practice begins when she’s leaving work for the day- a problem she needed to resolve. So one day while at work, Shannon started thinking and that’s when she had an “aah-ha moment.

Her concept: To help other parents and caregivers who struggle to juggle work and life by providing safe rides for their children. Shannon says, “It’s like if Uber and had a baby!”

So for all you busy mommas out there, no more feeling guilty. Your kids don’t have to miss important activities in their lives. No more putting neighbors or family members on the spot with a request to drive your children around.

Would you be quick to sign up? Or would you be fearful of having your kids be in the hands of a total stranger?


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