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9 Funny AF Tweets From This Week

Reporter Gets Unwanted Kiss on Live TV, Has Amazing Response…

Watch: My 3 Yr Old Son Says He’s Going to the Bar With a Friend!

VIDEO: Woman Jumps The Gate And Raids Area 51

Teens Are Gluing Their Top Lips In New Dangerous Viral Trend

Video: Watch Guy Totally Ignoring His GF At Soccer Game!

A New Viral Optical Illusion, Bird or Bunny? I Have My Answer!

Have You Tried Contacting Your Number Neighbor?

Texting Your Number Neighbor Is The New Trend & Here Are Some Of The Best Ones

6 Year Old Goes Viral For Anti-Bullying Back To School Shirt

Dollar General Has Made A Makeup Line

This Women Decided It Was Okay to Go #1 On Grocery Store Potatoes

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VIDEO: Tourists Decide to Throw Rocks at Panda at Zoo


This Isn’t Your Home! Airline Passenger Scrolls Through In-Flight Entertainment With Bare Feet

VIDEO: 4th of July FAILS

SC Grandparents Melt Our Hearts with Post

The Latest Internet Craze Is The #BottleCapChallenge

Local North Carolina Meteorologist Goes Viral With Dance Video Again

How Many Bridesmaids Are Too Many: This Woman Says 34 Is Ok!

Tattoo Artist Shares Special Request From Client

Video: Girl Just Misses Getting Her Head Hit By An Axe

Mom’s “Mermaid Hair” For Her Daughter Goes Viral And It’s AMAZING!

Post Malone Releases Music Video For, “Wow” Featuring Viral Dancing Guy

This 40-Year-Old Man Dancing To Post Malone Has Taken The Internet By Storm