The Maney & LauRen Morning Show

The Maney & LauRen Morning Show

The Maney & LauRen Morning Show

Well, it’s been one heck of a week! Santa fell on Roy. LauRen broke something that she hid from her husband Dallas. And sadly we said goodbye to our friend Roy as he heads off to Cincinnati.

If you missed any of The MRL Show this week here are the Top 5 moments you missed!

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  • Santa Fell On Roy In The Middle Of The Night

    When we start the show every morning we share what is going on in our lives. Well, today Roy told us that he went to his parent’s house in Roanoke, Virginia, over the weekend to spend the night. Seems simple enough, but he went on to tell us about the Christmas-themed room that his parents have in their house.

    And while he and his fiance were sleeping they got a BIG surprise! The wreath and life-sized Santa Claus on the wall suddenly fell! Imagine being in a dead sleep and having a body fall on you! And to add insult to injury the wreath was covered in fake snow and glitter!

  • LauRen Broke It And Hid It From Her Husband

    I think I have made it pretty well known on the show that I am in favor of the little white lie. Well, this week I broke my husband’s favorite pint glass and I know I can fix this issue without telling him.

    Sure, Dallas got the pint glass from a now-closed bar in his hometown but I think I can find a similar Virginia Tech pint glass and take a brillo pad to it, to give it that same look as the old one.

    My husband isn’t the most observant person in the world so I think it might work! I mean the last time I cut 6 inches off my hair, he didn’t even notice until Maney said something about it a week later!

  • Roy Learned The Hard Way At Coachella

    It’s music festival season!! However, festival season might not be for everyone. Just ask Roy! He learned the hard way at Coachella.

    If your hitting the festival circuit this year, here are 7 mistakes that people make at music fests according to The Huffington Post .(so please don’t make them!).

  • LauRen's Goodbye Letter To Roy

    As we say goodbye to Roy, I wanted to properly put down into words what I am feeling in this moment. I couldn’t let one of my best friends leave Charlotte without telling him how proud I am of him and the man he has become.

    You might need a tissue to make it through this letter (I know I did) as I thank Roy for all he has done for our show, our Charlotte community and for me personally.

  • Roy Says Goodbye To Charlotte

    It was a sad day, but it was one we knew was coming. Over the past 7 years, Roy has made us laugh with segments like the Senseless Servy, and he made us cry when he came out as gay, to help a listener live on the radio. There is no doubt he will be missed on the Kiss 95.1 airways but it is time to say “See You Later”.

    Roy spent Wednesday morning saying a bitter-sweet goodbye to Charlotte and our listeners. Of course, he had sweet words for Maney, LauRen, and Nicole too. Don’t worry in true Roy fashion, his goodbye is pretty fun and funny, LauRen (of course) cried but she’s a big softy.

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