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The 7 deadly Sins

It’s music festival season!! However, festival season might not be for everyone. Just ask Roy! He learned the hard way at Coachella.

If your hitting the festival circuit this year, here are 7 mistakes that people make at music fests according to The Huffington Post .(so please don’t make them!).

Burning out on day one. The first day of a festival can give a sensor overload. To prevent this, consider the first day the same way you’d think of your first day of school or college.

Relying too much on technology. Do not think that your phone will work 100% the entire time of the festival. Have back-up plans JIC.

Not hydrating enough. At a music festival, you will likely be on your feet, dancing, for a lot of hours all in the sun. Drink water!

Forgetting earplugs. Consider earplugs like sunscreen when it comes to music festivals. You will have a bunch of different shows where you have different volumes to deal with.

Being unprepared for the weather. Most music festivals happen during the summer. Make sure you protect yourself from the summer. Have sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and other layers from the sun.

Over-planning and researching every detail. Do not be one of those people that gets caught up in planning every aspect of the festival. You need a balance between going with the flow and your background research work.

Not bring enough sanitizing wipes of masks. Festivals are full of germs and bacteria. Be prepared.

Source: Huffington Post

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