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Camp Royall is a sleep away camp for people with autism in North Carolina

Camp Royall is a summer camp located in North Carolina that is specifically designed for individuals on the autism spectrum. It is run by the Autism Society of North Carolina and is considered one of the best camps in the country for those with autism.

One of the reasons that Camp Royall is so great for the autism community is because it provides a safe and supportive environment for campers. The camp is staffed by professionals who are trained in working with individuals with autism, and the facilities are designed to meet the unique needs of campers on the spectrum. This means that campers can feel comfortable and supported while participating in a variety of fun and engaging activities.

I spoke to camp counselor Sara who told me “I have one shot to make their first camp experience incredible and I am dedicated to doing that.” Sara and her staff really go above and beyond for their campers, from fixing special dietary meals to making sure parents are updated frequently.

As a board member of the Autism Strong Foundation, I am proud to support this camp, and spending the day there with the campers was a dream. Our organization does an annual visit to Camp Royall and we are excited to be developing a splash pad addition for the camp. This will be for all campers but geared toward younger campers and those uncomfortable with the pool.

Why supporting this camp is so important?

 Many individuals with autism struggle with social skills and making friends, but at Camp Royall, they can connect with other campers who share similar experiences and interests. This can be incredibly empowering and can help campers develop social skills and build lasting friendships.

Overall, Camp Royall is an amazing resource for the autism community. It provides a safe and supportive environment where individuals with autism can have fun, make friends, and develop important life skills. If you or someone you know is on the autism spectrum, Camp Royall could be a great option for a summer camp experience.

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