Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, and Chris Kirkpatrick of *NSYNC speak onstage the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards at Prudential Center on September 12, 2023 in Newark, New Jersey.

After *NSYNC reunited at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards Tuesday (September 12) night, the band had fans hopeful for a performance at the show (which didn’t happen). Or at least, news of some new music. Now, the secret is out: the boy band is releasing their first new song in over two decades. The song, titled “Better Place,” was announced early Thursday, with parts of the song featured in the new Trolls Band Together trailer.

The full song will be released later this month on September 29, but fans can also hear portions of the song on TikTok. Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone and Lance Bass “trolled” the release of the new single earlier Wednesday, in a clip where they lip-synced to a scene from Friends. Fans began speculating about what it could all mean. One person commented, “Um.. well whatever this is.. I know for a fact that I will not be able to recover from this financially.” Another wrote: “I have grown-up money to spend for whatever is happening and ready to go in grown-up debt if need be.” Meanwhile, one fan commented: “We have waited long enough for this. We are old and tired. Just tell us already.”

In the video, the bandmates are in front of a blue screen as they lip-sync along to a scene from the season 5 episode “The One With all the Resolutions.” Timberlake, 42, kicks off the video by asking his bandmates, “Do you know something?” Fatone, 46, quickly responded with the same question to Timberlake. Then Kirkpatrick, 51, answered, “I might know something,” while Chasez, 47, chimes in, “I might know something, too.” Bass then asked, “What’s the thing you know?” Timberlake responds, “Oh no, I can’t tell you until you tell me what you know.” Fatone said, “I can’t tell you what I know,” with Kirkpatrick replying, “Well, then I can’t tell you what I know.” Finally, Chasez says, “OK, fine,” and the band playfully shrugs and exits the studio space.

“Better Place” will be *NSYNC’s first new song since 2002. The pop group reunited for a performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2013 and, in 2018, got together once again for their Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony.

Justin Timberlake’s 14 Greatest Music Videos Ranked

Justin Timberlake celebrates his 42nd birthday today, and the Aquarian crooner boasts a fantastic music library. To commemorate the former NSYNCer’s special day, we’ve compiled our favorite music videos of his career. See how your favorites ranked below.

  • I Want You Back

    NSYNC’s debut single, “I Want You Back” (1996) shows the boy band dancing in front of futuristic backgrounds as they try to get the girl back using some kind of transporter.

  • Señorita

    Though “Señorita” is a great song off of JT’s debut solo album, Justified (2002), Justin is just dancing on this one girl in a desert bar. The plus is that Pharrell, who co-wrote the song is featured on the video.

  • Tearin' Up My Heart

    This photoshoot themed music video is one of NSYNC’s less elaborate conceptual videos, but the song still hits to this day.

  • Pop

    The sped-up visual effects in “Pop” add to the funkiness of this music video, as well as the spinning dance floor.

  • What Goes Around...Comes Around

    Scarlett Johansson stars alongside JT in this 9-minute long video, which feels like a mini movie. The music video left Justin with a broken finger due to a fight scene with the actor Shawn Hatosy, who starred alongside him in the 2006 crime/drama Alpha Dog; Johansson was also bruised up in the scene.

  • Suit & Tie

    This black-and-white 1920s throwback video was directed by Fight Club‘s David Fincher, and even though the song isn’t that great, Fincher’s touch on the music video is aesthetically pleasing.

  • SexyBack

    This provocative song had radio in a choke-hold in 2006 (no pun intended). The video was shot in Barcelona over four days, with Elena Anaya starring opposite Timberlake as a rival spy who becomes his love interest.

  • Cry Me A River

    Justin wrote this song about Britney Spears in 2002. In the song, the relationship goes bad because the girl cheated, and to get even, JT makes sure the girl finds out he’s moved on with his life. In the video, Justin uses a video camera to tape him getting hot and heavy with another girl. When his girlfriend (who is played by an actress that looks very much like Britney Spears) comes in, he sets it up so she will see the tape.

  • Mirrors

    This eight-minute music video opens with a dedication to Timberlake’s late grandparents Sadie Bomar and William Bomar, who were together for 62 years. The video shows an elderly couple throughout different stages of their lifetime as they “reflect” on their time together over the years.

  • LoveStoned / I Think She Knows Interlude

    Justin’s visuals for “LoveStoned / I Think She Knows Interlude” was an interesting take using the audio waves to create an image of himself.

  • This I Promise You

    NSYNC wearing turtlenecks in Redwood National Park while different shots of love relationships are shown in bubbles floating around them in the forest make this music video so memorable.

  • Rock Your Body

    Justin Timberlake is joined by several backup dancers within a multi-color lighted cube in this stand-out track from Justified. The song was originally intended to be featured on Michael Jackson’s Invincible.

  • Bye Bye Bye

    The iconic puppet string music video came out in 2000 and is arguably NSYNC’s most iconic video. The video starts with evil puppet master, Kim Smith (Friday Night Lights), manipulating the NSYNC members as they are tied to strings.

  • It's Gonna Be Me

    The clever visual concept of “It’s Gonna Be Me” had the boy banders turn into dolls who come to life and break free from their display boxes and fight other toys in a toy store.

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