My last ride, that I never knew would be my last.

Listen, I love Splash Mountain. It was my favorite Disney ride and represents many of the core memories I have of visiting both Disney World and Disney land as an adult and child. I am extremely sad that they decided to retheme this attraction. And quite honestly it does dampen the appeal of going to Disney for me. I’m lucky enough that I do have some memorabilia from the ride including a t-shirt, plushes of the characters, a pin, and those lovely souvenir photos. (I’m not one who goes to Disney often or has a ton of merch but this ride was just always my favorite from the time I was a young kid). I can understand the collector’s value of having merch or other items from the ride. But this new one that popped up on eBay, well even as a Splash Mountain lover is a little much for me. The water from Splash Mountain on closing day is being sold on eBay.

The Listings



Disney SPLASH MOUNTAIN Water �� LAST DAY OF RIDE. Just collected. 4 Oz. Each Total 24 available right now.

This is just one of those, what do you do with it? And even if I wanted to purchase this and had a use, how would you even know that it’s authentic? There are multiple listings for the water with prices averaging around $25 a few are listed for less. Other memorabilia items are also listed for top dollar on the site. This includes pens, zip lock bags, magnets, frames, shirts, and more. The popular Disney mountain closed yesterday, January 22, 2023, for good. It is being rethemed to a Princess And The Frog attraction. Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is scheduled to open in 2024. While I’m sure the ride will be great, not traveling to the laughing place will always make me sad.

And no matter my love for the ride, which runs deep, I will not be paying $25 for the water from Splash Mountain off of ebay. I would pay to ride it again though! No closing date has been announced for the Disneyland version of this ride. Perhaps I’ll have to make a visit to Anaheim to get a few more rides in.

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