Kiss 95.1 is happy to bring home Ace and TJ!

The Ace & TJ radio family are thousands of people they have spent time with daily for over 20 years via The Ace & TJ Show. They are loyal, charitable, and understand their sense of humor. Ace & TJ know they would not be a family without their radio family.

Ace and TJ will be doing a specialty format show that is specifically for Kiss 95.1. You’ll hear shorter breaks on the air, but if you find yourself wanting more Ace and TJ, don’t worry; you can stream their entire show, plus get additional content from Ace and TJ.

You can tune in from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Kiss 95.1 to hear more from Ace & TJ.

For more Ace and TJ content, including their full daily shows, CLICK HERE!