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Pick Your Battles

Back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, househusbands weren’t as popular as they are now. My neighbors had that type of relationship back in the early 90’s. The husband cleaned house, cooked all the meals, and dessert everyday! Cutting the grass and doing laundry was on rinse and repeat. He kept track of calendars for the kids and family events. If you’re exploring who makes a good househusband, make sure he is confident with his identity. Would he be comfortable attending girl scout meetings, pizza parties and coordinating sleep overs with confidence? This is a fulltime job fellas.

When men realize what makes a household work, they may stick to the desk job because running a household might be a little overwhelming. If you have a good looking househusband would you as the wife be jealous when he goes into female dominated situations? Marriage is already kind of complicated, and to throw a somewhat a new dynamic into the mix be prepared for gossip and nay-sayers. Just know your lane, pick your battles and give room for grace because someone will stumble. Good luck matching up with a fabulous househusband.

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