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What? Okay, so new cars will have kill switches? What does that mean and when did they pass that law? I’m late hearing this news because I’m finding articles going back to 2021. The proper name is called a fuel-line kill switch installed on or near the fuel line. They say you can find this pipe under your car. But I’m confused because there is a battery disconnect switch leading to your battery. On theĀ  Motorious website, they speak so eloquently about an article from former U.S. Representative Bob Barr, warning that this would negatively impact drivers across the country if it were to pass. These kill switches are supposed to be installed into every new car, truck, and SUV. But I’ve heard they’re on boats as well.

Evidently, Biden hid this inside his Infrastructure Bill coming to every new car in 2024. Jesus Christ, supercar, that’s 2 years away. I am never surprised at the Bills that get passed in the middle of the night and hidden inside other Bills. Okay, I guess we need to get an older car as they have in those apocalypse movies because they never die, but you might because you have the only running vehicle. Just protect yourself and be cautious for the next couple of years.

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