Do you want to do your part to help the environment and get rid of that gas guzzler? We get it. But Tesla’s are pricey and just not practical for average Americans. But what if instead of going into debt to purchase a Tesla you could convert your current gas vehicle to electric? A startup company out of N.C. State University is trying to do just that. The company, Flux Hybrids, is currently aimed at fleet vehicles but the concept works with any vehicle.

Micah Ulrich, one of the entrepreneurs behind the company, told Biz Journals “Basically, we just take an electric power train and add it to your car’s existing power train. It has the same gas power it always had … you can just now pull gas or electric,” he said.

The product is still new but the company is gaining momentum. Interest is growing and they have hired their first employee. The ultimate goal is to reduce carbon emissions. While purchasing a new Tesla or another electric vehicle most people trade in their old car. Which doesn’t reduce the number of gas vehicles on the road. When you convert a gas vehicle to an electric you are making more of an impact. According to their website the product is an “aftermarket upgrade that will significantly increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency while reducing your vehicle’s environmental impact and maintenance costs.”

Ulrich’s company has already raised $180,000 and has more than double that on the line from grants in the coming weeks. He and his cofounders all met at NC State in the engineering department. Flux Hybrids was actually born from their senior design project. On their website, you have the option for commercial or consumer kits for your vehicle. Quotes are available by request but making changes obtainable for your average company and consumer will be welcome.

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Source Biz Journal

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