So, like you, we use Amazon all the time. Everywhere you go you see an Amazon delivery driver it seems. Let’s face it, in terms of delivery of goods and services in a timely manner, they are hard to beat-especially in these times of supply chain issues.  That being said, they are not perfect.  In fact, I had a delivery delayed for several days last week.  No big deal.  Probably, again, a supply chain issue.  Then I saw this and realized it could be more interesting than I could have imagined.

How crazy is this?!  You talk about a tough explain, right?  Apparently Amazon feels/felt the same way as this driver has now been relieved of his job (according to TMZ).  This statement was released by Amazon:  “This does not reflect the high standards we have for our Delivery Service Partners and their drivers. Allowing unauthorized passengers to enter delivery vehicles is a violation of Amazon policy, and the driver is no longer delivering packages to Amazon customers.”

Written by Charlie & Debbie of Country 1037