A new study by Mackeeper has analyzed which streaming services are bigger than entire countries! With streaming services behind worldwide, they have a lot of subscribers. And the streaming giants, well they have more subscribers than the population of a lot of countries!

Mackeeper reimagined how streaming services would look as countries by taking into account the countries’ population versus the streaming services’ subscriber count.

So which streaming services are bigger than whole countries?

Here’s The Full List of The Streaming Services Compared To Countries Population

Streaming service/Country Category Streaming numbers/Population
China Country 1,439,323,776
India Country 1,380,004,385
United States Country 331,002,651
Brazil Country 212,559,417
Nigeria Country 206,139,589
Netflix Video 203,700,000
Bangladesh Country 164,689,383
Amazon Prime Video Video 150,000,000
Russia Country 145,934,462
Spotify Audio 144,000,000
Mexico Country 128,932,753
Japan Country 126,476,461
Tencent Video Video 120,000,000
iQIYI Video 119,000,000
Ethiopia Country 114,963,588
Philippines Country 109,581,078
Vietnam Country 97,338,579
Disney+ Video 94,900,000
DR Congo Country 89,561,403
Iran Country 83,992,949
Germany Country 83,783,942
Thailand Country 69,799,978
Apple Music Audio 68,000,000
United Kingdom Country 67,886,011
France Country 65,273,511
Italy Country 60,461,826
South Africa Country 59,308,690
Amazon Prime Music Audio 55,000,000
Myanmar Country 54,409,800
Kenya Country 53,771,296