NEW YORK - May 14: Signage at the CBS Presentation of Survivor Panama Exile Island Finale/Reunion Show on May 14, 2006 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen at least a few episodes of reality tv and at some point probably pictured ourselves on a show or two. Maybe you’ve even tried out for a show or submitted an application. But have you ever wondered what reality TV show gets the most applicants? We finally have an answer! It turns our Survivor is the show that the largest number of American’s apply for, followed by The Bachelor and The Amazing Race.

The study, which was conducted by Uswitch, used  Google search data to find which shows attract the most applications. Survivor averages 79,200 searches for applications each year. And considering the show’s ultimate winner walks away with $1million in prize money, so it’s no surprise. In second The Bachelor, with 43,200 application searches, and in third, The Amazing Race, pulls in 34,800 searches a year from people wanting to appear on the show. Personally, Survivor and The Amazing Race are a little too intense for my taste, I’d take my chances with the drama of The Bachelor any day.

The Most Popular TV Shows To Apply For

TV Show Search Volume
1 Survivor 79,200
2 The Bachelor 43,200
3 The Amazing Race 34,800
4 The Circle 19,200
5  Big Brother 19,200
6 The Bachelorette 12,000
7 Love Island 10,560
8 The Chase 10,560
9 Family Feud 8,640
10 Are You The One 7,080
11 Supermarket Sweep 5,760
12 Wheel Of Fortune 5,760
13 Wipeout 5,760
14 Love Is Blind 4,680
15 The Voice 4,680
16 The Floor Is Lava 4,680
17 Name That Tune 4,680
18 90 Day Fiance 4,680
19 Masterchef 3,840
20 Chopped 3,840


The Most Popular Dating Shows To Apply For

Finding true love can be hard, so it’s no wonder many people turn to a dating show to help them find their next partner. Shows like this are also one way to establish as a social media influencer which no doubt impacts many reality tv show applicants. The Bachelor is by far the most popular dating show to watch and to apply for. It’s also no surprise the show’s spin-off, The Bachelorette comes in second. In third, is the new kid on the block on the reality TV dating scene, Love Island. With just two seasons under its belt so far and the hotly anticipated third season about to launch it’s attracting lots of attention from applicants.

TV Show Search Volume
1 The Bachelor 43,200
2 The Bachelorette 12,000
3 Love Island 10,560
4 Are You The One 7,080
5 Love Is Blind 4,680
6 90 Day Fiance 4,680


The Game Shows That Americans Apply For The Most

Now, this is a category I could see myself looking into. Don’t Forget The Lyrics and The Price Is Right are both shows I could do some serious damage on. But it’s Family Feud that takes the cake here. Originally airing in 1976 it is the game show that Americans want to appear on the most, pulling in more than 8,000 application searches a year. And if you’ve ever watched, or played, Family Feud I can understand why. That game is FUN! Supermarket Sweep generates almost 6,000 searches each year from would-be contestants wanting to take part in the famous sprint through a supermarket, and the third most popular game show to apply for is Wheel of Fortune, with just under 6,000 application searches annually.

TV Show Search Volume
1 Family Feud 8,640
2 Supermarket Sweep 5,760
3 Wheel Of Fortune 5,760
4 Wipeout 5,760
5 The Floor Is Lava 4,680
6 Name That Tune 4,680


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