SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 20: An updated "Echo Dot" (L) is pictured next to an older generation "Echo Dot" at Amazon Headquarters, on September 20, 2018 in Seattle Washington. Amazon launched more than 70 Alexa-enabled products during the event. (Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

Amazon could soon be watching you sleep. Well kind of. If you are constantly worried about your phone or Alexa or other similar devices listening to your conversations this product won’t be for you.  Amazon now officially has permission to monitor your sleep. The company was granted FCC approval to sell ‘radar sensors’ that can track sleep patterns. These “non-mobile devices would operate at higher power levels than currently allowed.” Radar will capture the motion of the subject for contactless sleep tracing. The devices can help customers develop better ‘awareness and management of sleep hygiene. Does this mean I can tell Alexa to wake me up during the correct sleep cycle? If so I might be on board.  Monitoring sleep patterns is nothing new – Apple, FitBit, and other companies already have devices that keep track of your sleep habits. Is it going too far to have our devices watch us sleep? IMO if it helps me sleep better I’m ok with it, but I can understand why others might not be.

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