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Many people across the nation are waking up to see at least $600 more in their bank accounts as the second round of stimulus checks are finally hitting the streets. The federal government first disbursed stimulus checks for COVID-19 mid-April but with so much time passing by and life not going back to normal, Americans have wondered when and if they would get another one.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said this past Tuesday that direct deposit payments could show up any time now to next week. If you haven’t registered your banking information with the IRS then expect a paper check in the mail, which began being mailed out Wednesday. The $600 payments are part of the almost $900 billion Covid-19 relief package President Trump signed on Sunday. There was a slight delay in signing because Trump was persistently urging legislators to send out checks for $2,000, instead. Something that a lot of Americans were rooting for. There was hope at the end of the tunnel when the House passed a bill on Monday to greenlight the larger checks, but sadly the Senate did not agree and ultimately gave it a no go.

Although most Americans were wishing to receive $2,000 instead of $600, something is always better than nothing right? Nonetheless, people will be spending their checks differently from one another. Some people will use the money to play catch up on past due bills and current debts that have accumulated since the pandemic first hit. Others may choose to invest their money or maybe start a business, essentially investing in themselves. The lucky one’s will save their money and bring it out when they need it on a rainy day.

Regardless of how you plan to spend your stimulus check this round, we as Americans can all use the extra help right now. In times like these it’s crucial not to judge, but to instead be kind.

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