380877 12: Boxes of the Nintendo 64 video game system sit on the shelves October 26, 2000 at a Toys R Us store in El Paso, Texas. The Nintendo and Sega Dreamcast platforms are the main competition for the new Sony PlayStation 2 which went on sale October 26, 2000 across the United States. The PS2 is already in short supply because Sony had to cut the initial American shipments of the gaming platform in half. The company originally promised 1 million units, but chip shortages forced Sony to reduce that figure to 500,000. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers)

After Nintendo released the original “NES” system in a mini version, it seemed to start a trend.People swarmed to get there hands on the original NES, even though it was completely original. After that did well they decided to release the “Super NES” which also did well in sales. Remember “N64”? still have yours? well if not, you are in luck.

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