You don’t want to give Britney Spears any fuss, especially if it’s about her long-time career.

The pop star has recently been accused of lip syncing and now she’s fired up.

According to Billboard, Spears was asked during an Israeli interview ahead of her July 3 show in Tel Aviv how much of her performances in concert are live. And now she wants to set the record straight.

She responded with saying her shows include a mixture of playback and her own voice and because she’s also trying to dance. The 35-year-old singer, who has sold 100 million albums worldwide, claims people are always accusing her of lip-syncing and she’s had enough.

Watch the full interview here.


Below are several other female pop stars who have been criticized for allegedly mic miming.


Mariah Carey: “Emotions”/”We Belong Together”

Well, that was one awkward and unbelievable 2016 New Year’s Eve performance! Ball dropping or jaw dropping?

Mariah Carey's Lip Sync Fail! 2016-2017 NYC NYE Ball Drop Mariah Carey NYE performance Mess Up!

Must watch! Share with your friends. Mariah Carey's huge fail! What happened? All rights go to Dick Clark Productions. No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes only.

Beyonce: “The Star Spangled Banner”

So, she really didn’t sing for the president! It’s said that the Queen B lip-synced during the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. While this had no impact on her reputation, we still consider it a small let down. Billboard reports that Beyonce was not comfortable taking a risk. Then, should she have sang to begin with?


Ashlee Simpson: “Pieces Of Me”

Unfortunately, people will always remember this horrifyingly cringe-worthy, Saturday Night Live performance in 2004. Forget that fact it was clearly evident she had been lip-syncing, but her way of trying to turn it around- let’s just say it was super unsuccessful. An embarrassing dance won’t fix it!




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