The Maney & LauRen Morning Show

The Maney & LauRen Morning Show

The Maney & LauRen Morning Show

These days more and more people are getting tattoos. Animals are some of the most popular things to get tattooed on the body forever, but not all animals make for good ink, and some are certainly more popular than others.

A new 24/7 Wall Street report reveals the most popular animal tattoos in America. The list is based on annual search volume and Instagram hashtags for specific animal tattoos. Topping the list of the most popular animal tattoo is the butterfly. There are almost three million (2,966,000) searches for butterfly tattoos annually, with 1.2 million Instagram hashtags associated with butterfly tattoos.

  • The 10 most popular animal tattoos in the U.S.

    Click here for the complete list.

  • 1. Butterfly

    US annual search volume: 2,966,000

    IG hashtags: 1,200,000

  • 2. Snake

    US annual search volume: 1,110,500

    IG hashtags: 1,100,000

  • 3. Lion

    US annual search volume: 944,000

    IG hashtags: 1,200,000

  • 4. Wolf

    US annual search volume: 927,500

    IG hashtags: 992,000

  • 5. Elephant

    US annual search volume: 604,100

    IG hashtags: 412,000

  • 6. Hummingbird

    US annual search volume: 578,300

    IG hashtags: 121,000

  • 7. Owl

    US annual search volume: 564,100

    IG hashtags: 661,000

  • 8. Tiger

    US annual search volume: 496,900

    IG hashtags: 915,000

  • 9. Bird

    US annual search volume: 456,700

    IG hashtags: 707,000

  • 10. Cat

    US annual search volume: 415,100

    IG hashtags: 825,000

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