There are so many breathtakingly beautiful places in the United States. From coastlines to mountains and everything in between. National Parks such as Yellowstone, the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, and some beautiful lakes as well. It’s seemingly impossible to choose the most gorgeous landscape our magnificent country has to offer. So when our friends at Storyboards reached out with Instagram data that includes a North Carolina Lake on what they perceived to be the most picturesque landscapes in America, I was intrigued. What North Carolina spot (and a lake by that account) could be included on this list?

North Carolina Lake

If you told me any North Carolina landscape received this accolade I would have first guessed somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you told me that was incorrect, the Outerbanks perhaps? But a lake? I’m definitely saying hmm to that one. Though full disclosure, I’m not a lake life girlie. First and foremost I’m not a fan of water I can’t see my feet in. Second, walking into a lake with mud between my toes, I just can’t. And finally, I did work at and attend a camp on a lake for many years. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the sunny shores of Lake Wylie, SC, but I also saw a few too many snakes that called those waters home. I’ll enjoy the views of a place that does feel like home, from the shoreline or a boat from now on. If I can’t see what’s near me in water, I don’t need to be in it.

But for many people, lake houses are a place of paradise, relaxation, and a way of life. And I respect that. That North Carolina lake that was named among the most picturesque landscapes in America sure does have a lot of fans. Which is why it ranked high on this list. How were the rankings compiled? Well, the experts at Storyboards used Instagram data to analyze the number of hashtags for various landscapes in America to discover which of those are the most picturesque. So there you have it. These are the most Instagrammed landscapes in America. Which still surprises me a little. Though I know I see numerous posts from this lake every weekend in the summer. So perhaps it makes sense!

You’ve probably guessed what NC Lake it is, but keep reading to get confirmation and see the other picturesque landscapes this man-made NC lake ranks amongst. That may be the most shocking part!

  • 1. Lake Tahoe

    One of the best things Lake Tahoe has going for it, is that it is an ideal destination in both the winter and the summer months. The large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains sits on the boarder of California and Nevada. It offers skiing, water sports, hiking, and more. Learn more about visiting Lake Tahoe.

    Number of Instagram Hashtags: 2,986,225 

  • 2. Lake Michigan

    Lake Michigan may be the highest-ranked Great Lake on this list, but it’s not the only one! The second largest of the Great Lakes spans the entire west coast of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, portions of Illinois, and the eastern coast of Wisconsin. Lake Michigan is also the only one of the five Great Lakes that is located entirely within the United States. Learn more here.

    Number of Instagram Hashtags: 2,788,904 

  • 3. Clearwater Beach

    I have fallen in love with the gulf beaches. And while I haven’t been all the way to Clearwater I’ve been to some of the nearby beaches and they are a sight to see. The widest beaches I’ve ever seen, paired with the whitest sand and bluest water on continental US soil. I’d much rather fly to this area than drive to an NC/SC beach. Learn more here.

    Number of Instagram Hashtags: 1,298,877 

  • 4. Lake Superior

    Lake Superior is not only the largest of the Great Lakes, it’s also the largest freshwater lake in the world. Deep blue waters, rocky landscapes, white sandy beaches, forests, and waterfalls are some of what makes it so picturesque. Learn more here.

    Number of Instagram Hashtags: 1,157,663 

  • 5. Lake Ontario

    Lake Ontario sits between New York and Canada and is actually the smallest of the Great Lakes. Visitors enjoy fishing, boating, and swimming in the summer months. The areas surrounding Lake Ontario including Rochester and Oswego see their fair share of lake effect snow during the winter months. Learn more here.

    Number of Instagram Hashtags: 1,007,124 

  • 6. Waikiki Beach

    Perhaps just because it’s not as populated is why Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach is third on this list? I’d choose this destination over any other mentioned without hesitation. It’s located on the south shore of Honolulu and is home to a number of resorts. Also, it’s Hawaii. Need I say more? Learn more about Waikikki Beach here.

    Number of Instagram Hashtags: 969,640 

  • 7. Lake Norman

    And yes, it’s Lake Norman that represents North Carolina on this list. I’ve already said I don’t particularly get it. Nothing against Lake Norman, it just wouldn’t be one of my top spots nationwide. But to each their own. Learn more about Lake Norman here.

    Number of Instagram Hashtags: 640,978 

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