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3 North Carolina Cities Among The Safest And Cheapest Places To Live

You may read that headline and think- this is too good to be true. And when you're looking for a place to call home safety and affordability are almost always top priorities. Yes, location is great, and space, but if you can't afford it and don't feel safe does the rest matter? And luckily for you according to a study by GoBankingRates, there are 3 North Carolina cities among the safest and cheapest places to live in the South. And they are places you'll actually want to live! To create this list (of 25 total cities) GOBankingRates analyzed the 10 most populated cities in the following states: Alabama Arkansas Delaware Florida Georgia Kentucky Lousiana Maryland Mississippi North Carolina Oklahoma South Carolina Tennessee Texas Virginia West Virginia District of Columbia They calculated the total living costs for each of the 10 most populated cities. Living costs included groceries, transportation, utilities, healthcare, and rent. When it comes to safety the scores were based on "rates of property crime and violent crime per 1,000 residents". So what 3 North Carolina cities are among the safest and cheapest places to live? Coming in at number two on this list is Cary, NC a suburb of Raleigh, NC. Cary is known to be a little pricey with some very expensive homes in the area so I'm surprised to see it rank this high. But let's take a look at what GoBankingRates found regarding Cary. Average monthly expenditures: $2,049 Average rent: $1,732 Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 0.8 Property crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 11.01 Livability score (out of 100): 90 I do agree on safety and the stats back it up for sure. I would expect the cost of living to be a little higher though! The next North Carolina city on the list is Concord which ranked 8th. Not bad at all to have two in the top 10 of this list. Expenses were very comparable to Cary, though crime rates were slightly higher (still very much on the low end, however). And finally, the last North Carolina city on this list is Raleigh at 13th. It's reasonable to expect the cost of living to be similar to Cary. The average rent in Raleigh is slightly lower, though crime rates are higher. So good news North Carolina if you're looking for a fantastic place to live look no further than our own state. Charleston made the list representing South Carolina, and the safest and cheapest city in the South overall? It was Rogers, Arkansas. I think I'll stick with Cary! You can read the full GoBankingRates study and article here. [select-listicle listicle_id="478592" syndication_name="these-are-the-most-dangerous-cities-in-america" description="yes"]

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