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Dune fence and sea oats on the dunes at Pensacola Beach, Florida on Gulf Islands National Seashore.

Why should spring break have to stop after you graduate? You deserve a week-long excursion even more so as a working adult, but you should probably do it differently. Hopefully, your budget is a little bit bigger these days which means you won’t have to go to the same exact party beaches as everyone else in your graduating class and cram as many people as possible into the cheapest hotels as possible. You can do things a little bit fancier now. “Cosmo” rounded up some of the top adult spring break destinations to get you inspired.

According to Cosmopolitan, here are the places you need to check out if you’re the “beach reads and ‘do not disturb’ sign type”, If you’re “most likely to be labeled ‘outdoorsy’”, or the “always pick the restaurant” type.